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1/4 Premium American Wagyu Beef Deposit

1/4 Premium American Wagyu Beef Deposit

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Reserve your 1/4 Premium American Wagyu Beef Share today for just $797.  

Pay the final payment of $1200 when your beef is ready.  The expected wait is early 2024.

These cattle are raised in the pastures of southeast Iowa on our family farm.  American Wagyu Beef has intense marbling, extreme tenderness and a buttery flavor.  It is by far the best beef you will ever taste.

This box includes 100 lbs. of Premium American Wagyu Beef.

25% Steaks - Filet, Ribeye, New York Strip, Sirloin Tip, Sirloin

35% Savory Cuts - Roasts, Stew Meat

40% Premium American Wagyu Ground Beef - 40-45 lbs. in convenient one pound packages

*Some cuts may be substituted with a cut of similar value.


How it works: You reserve your 1/4 beef share today with a $797 deposit.  Your estimated weight is 100 lbs. of Premium American Wagyu Beef.  We will select the healthiest, fattest steer in the herd.  We will have our expert butcher USDA process your beef.  Once your beef is ready, we will send you an invoice to collect the remaining payment ($1200).  Then we will ship it directly from our farm to your door in 2-3 big boxes.  Your beef will arrive fully frozen!

Deposit: Your 1/4 beef share is just $797.  This is a non-refundable deposit.  Your final payment of $1200 will be paid prior to shipping.

Packaging: All cuts are individually vacuum sealed and labeled.  

Freezer Space:  An 1/4 beef share will require approximately 4 cubic ft. of space.  

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