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What is American Wagyu Beef?

American Wagyu Beef is the product of crossing black Angus beef with Japanese Wagyu Beef. It delivers a rich, bold and hearty Midwest beef texture with the extreme tenderness and buttery flavor that Japanese Wagyu is known for.

What is your percentage of prime grading?

Our beef is optimally fed to provide the best nutrition for you and your family. >75% of our beef is graded prime. This compares to the usual American beef in the grocery stores at less than 5%.

I have never purchased bulk beef. How does it work?

You make the choice on the amount of freezer space available. You place a non refundable deposit on your beef share to secure the opportunity. We have 2-3 butcher cycles per year. The beef will be taken to our UDSA inspected facility where the expert butcher will dry age and process the animal. We then get your beef packaged and ready to ship. You will receive an invoice for the remaining balance which will need to be paid prior to shipping. It is that easy. Just purchase and get your freezer ready!

Do you give hormones or antibiotics?

We do not give our cattle hormones or antibiotics.

Do you give vaccinations?

We do not give our cattle vaccinations.

Are your cattle grass-fed?

Our cattle are grassfed for the first year of life and then are brought to be grain finished. Our facility provides the optimal climate and ease for the cattle to give them a stress-free environment with room to move as they wish. All of the feed is grown on our farm. The pastures are natural and not sprayed. We use rotational grazing with supplemental hay as needed to provide the best nutrition to our cattle.