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The American Wagyu Low 'N' Slow Christmas Box

The American Wagyu Low 'N' Slow Christmas Box

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If you love to use a smoker, you will LOVE our Low 'N' Slow American Wagyu Bundle.  Enjoy the buttery deliciousness of our Premium American Wagyu with the bold smoke that only a smoker can give.  

This box includes:

1 trimmed American Wagyu Brisket (weighing 9-11 lbs.)

1 American Wagyu Rump Roast

2 pkg. American Wagyu Short Ribs (weighing 3-4.5 pounds per package)

3 pkgs. of American Wagyu Stew Meat - each package weighing 1 pound


FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.  Make your Christmas Shopping even easier.  We can ship it directly to your loved one.  

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